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St. Stephen`s United Church

Sharing News, Joys and Concerns


Do not fear,” are God’s heartening words found in Isaiah chapters 41 -44., for the people living in exile under the power of Babylon. The words  promise presence, aid, redemption, change, but overall God’s abiding message is “Do not fear..”

We are living in days that are bringing us increased anxiety, fear, confusion, and we need to hear God’s words, “Do not fear” and take these words to heart. 

One of the ways we can help relieve anxiety and know we are not alone - to know that God is with us on our journey - is to hold in prayer the people in our circle of love - our family, our friends, our church  family. as we do each week in our in person worship service, 

We think about

 - those who are essential workers and enable us to stay safe and practicing physical distancing

- those who are residents of long term care facilities and their healing teams (drs. nurses, psw’s, rec, housekeeping, dietary, chaplaincy, social service, admin, physio, support staff)

 -those who are fearful

- those who are grieving

- those who are living with physical and mental issues in their lives

-  those who are reflecting on God's Created World and our part in its maintenance

May we pause for a few minutes during our week and lift up the names of the people who are in our hearts and minds knowing that God is holding them  and us.  

And hold all who make up the St. Stephen's famiily in your prayers

(please contact [email protected] to offer names you wish to add Into the worship service as well as the printed material that goes out for those without technology. 

Let us continue to love and pray for all of God’s creation., as we continue to be the church together - and the church together, yet apart.